Brian Lawrence Brown


Brian is a big-picture thinker who enjoys helping organizations figure out better ways to tell their story, reach more people, and build stronger relationships. He has spent 10 years developing new (and building on old!) methods for nonprofit development from social network theory, viral marketing, and emerging technologies.

After graduating from Princeton University, Brian spent five years first working in public policy in Washington, D.C. and then modernizing communications operations for a $500 million private foundation in Colorado. In 2011, he founded Narrator, a nonprofit-focused consulting firm he continues to operate.

In 2009, Brian founded Humane Pursuits, where he is a featured columnist and the director of its Give channel, a network of thought leaders developing new ways to help people spend their charitable time and money. In 2013, he helped found the Anselm Society, a nonprofit seeking to rebuild the religious arts scene in Colorado and beyond (he remains the executive director). In 2018, he joined the staff of the Colson Center as director of strategic initiatives.

Brian was a contributing author to Philanthropy Roundtable’s landmark 2015 Almanac of American Philanthropy. He was also a contributing author to Why Place Matters: Geography, Identity and Civic Life in Modern America (eds. Wilfred McClay and Ted McAllister, Encounter Books, February 2014). His research and cultural commentary has been published in Philanthropy Daily, The New Atlantis, RealClearPolitics, The American Conservative, The Daily Beast, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Public Discourse, and other major newspapers and blogs.

He and his wife Christina live in Colorado with their son Edmund.

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