Brian Brown loves building the environments, habits, and networks that make people thrive. In 2009, this led him to found Humane Pursuits, where he is working with a stellar team to help people build richer, more fulfilling lives. In 2011, he started a consulting company (Narrator) to empower mission-driven organizations to coalesce stronger networks of people to make a difference. Then he launched an arts organization, the Anselm Society, to fire up a renewal of culture that could serve as the groundwork for stronger, deeper communities. Brian lives with his wife Christina and son Edmund in Colorado, where they mix cocktails, hunt for historic architecture, and see how many people they can squeeze into their house for scintillating conversation.

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I write a regular column at Humane Pursuits, where I also edit the Give channel...we are building quite the brain trust over there. Not only are we assembling an all-star team of wise thinkers to tackle important issues related to philanthropy and social trends, but we're also trying to enable people to re-engage the world around them, and by doing so rebuild strong communities where people can make a difference. Visit the channel.

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