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As a major donor or board member of a nonprofit organization, the question constantly faces you: how best can I help my favorite organization achieve its mission?

Not to be presumptuous, but I might have an answer for you. Over and over, my team sees incredible organizations being held back by an inadequate budget, or an aging donor base, or just plain not enough staff to get things done. If they just had the strategy, the infrastructure, and the manpower on the development/communications side, the budget could grow steadily and they could focus on achieving their mission--today and a generation from now.

Look at the products and services Narrator offers. Look at the projects on our homepage. The clients that are able to go all-in with us are in exactly that situation. The investment pays off many times over, and we get to watch our clients thrive.

Consider talking to your organization's executive director about Narrator. If we all decide it's the right fit, a donation to cover the cost of a retainer package over the course of a year or two can be the most world-changing gift you'll ever make.

Feel free to shoot me an email using the button below or at if you have any questions. I'm also happy to work with you personally on your other philanthropic efforts on a strategic level.



Brian Brown
Founder and Principal

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