Our mission: empowering causes
by expanding networks.

All over the world, we see the same problems—mission-driven organizations of every size hampered by things like staff overload, inadequate technological tools, outdated outreach strategies, and compartmentalized roles. The organizations that succeed into the future will be the ones that can overcome these situations—with tools that make life stunningly easier, strategies designed to reach and retain each generation of supporters and customers, and a holistic way of operating that brings the entire organization and its network to bear to tell a story.

At Narrator, our job is to free you to do yours. We fill in the blanks, bringing the right combination of expertise, vision, and hard data to turn your potential into reality. We help you tell your story...so that you can live it.



Mailing address:
1475 Farnham Point #203
Colorado Springs, CO 80904


We've got lots of awesome photos on this site. A few are stock photos because crafting amazing projects on a laptop isn't very visually exciting, but most are actual photos from our clients--and are the respective property of those clients.

We help you:

Find your audience

Using modern-day research and prospecting tools, we identify the population segments—and the exact people—who are most likely to support your organization. Never ask, “Where are tomorrow’s donors or customers?” again.

Tell your story

The days where communications and fundraising, marketing and sales, were different shops are over. We work with you to build the image, strategy, and infrastructure so that excited new supporters are constantly entering your sphere.

Make them a part of it

Building an organization is about long-term relationships—you with supporters, and even supporters with each other. By evolving an interconnected network of supporters and making them a part of what you do, you will empower your cause well into the future.


Who We Are

We're a bunch of people who know and love mission-driven organizations, and got tired of watching them try to run marathons in a foot of mud (so to speak). Each of us for years has been helping organizations do things they didn't think were possible. Four years after the founding of Narrator, we bring that combined experience to bear on your problems.