Narrator's principal, Brian Brown, will be giving two presentations at the annual conference of the Colorado Nonprofit Association on Friday October 21. This is the premier nonprofit conference in the interior West each year; mark your calendars and join more than 800 other people to grow and improve together!

Presentation #1: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics: The Truth about Fundraising in the Next Generation

What does it actually look like to successfully develop today's younger donors without abandoning the techniques that got you your current donor base? Explore what’s actually working for real organizations.

Presentation #2: Cocktails, Craft Beers, and Creating Community

The days of the nonprofit plus the solitary check-writing donor are nearly over. But incredible things can happen when nonprofits embrace a new (and old!) role as connectors of people.



About the Conference

Join more than 800 nonprofit, business and community leaders for two full days of learning, idea-sharing, skill-building, and networking all in support of Colorado’s nonprofit community! Colorado nonprofits are essential to the high quality of life in our state – and the professionals who lead these organizations are the heart and soul behind this important work. The Fall Conference is Colorado Nonprofit Association’s premier, annual event open to all professionals serving Colorado’s nonprofit community. 

Why come?

  • Networking with your peers
  • Discover more about products and services available to the nonprofit community in the Exhibit Hall – and enter to win great prizes from our vendors!
  • Listen to featured speakers covering issues of importance to the nonprofit community
  • Learn, learn, learn – Participate in over 100 breakout sessions on topics from fundraising and marketing, to leadership and organizational governance

This year's theme:

More than 20,000 public charities impact the economic, social, and political landscapes in Colorado. The 20,000 represent organizations both large and small, providing services in Colorado and outside of our state. The 20,000 include professionally-run, dynamic organizations comprised of dedicated community leaders. The 20,000 are located in every region across the state. The Fall Conference & Exhibition is the time for the The 20,000 to come together and discuss vital questions ensuring Colorado has the nation’s most effective, vibrant and innovative nonprofit community that is essential to the high quality of life in our state.

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