This week only!

We know marketing your work can get expensive. We also know it has to be done well. To welcome in the warm weather, we are offering 80% or more off a number of products--now's your chance to put that upcoming project over the top for a steal. But hurry, because this flash sale can only be claimed THIS WEEK--doors close Friday at 5pm Mountain Time.

Available options:


$300 for basic graphic design products (logos and long documents excluded). Need an event poster? A series of images for a social media campaign? A new brochure for your company or project? Gorgeous business cards that match your brand? Get yours NOW, for only $300! (In many cases this is a $1,500+ value!) See below for some of our previous work.

Need a full slate of products to make your entire project or organization look amazing? Order three or more of the above and we'll knock the price down even lower, to $200 each.


$300 to design and launch a Facebook campaign of any size and any duration to one audience (does not include ad dollars--so the total cost is $300 to us plus whatever your ad budget is). We'll bring our expertise to expose your work to a new audience, drive traffic to your event, or whatever you need--and we'll extensively A/B test every ad variation so you get the best results for the least money.

How to get your deal:

Email Brian at and let him know what you need; then we'll talk details!

How to get an even better deal:

  • CEOs: Refer a friend's organization and get an additional $50 off if they order something. Refer two, your job is FREE.
  • Got a favorite company or nonprofit that isn't yours? That coffee shop or bar you love, that bookstore you want to see thrive, that charity you donate to that could use some extra help? Tell them about this sale--if they mention your name, we'll automatically knock $50 off the price!

About Narrator

Our mission: empowering causes by expanding networks. All over the world, we see the same problems—mission-driven organizations of every size hampered by things like staff overload, inadequate technological tools, outdated outreach strategies, and compartmentalized roles. The organizations that succeed into the future will be the ones that can overcome these situations—with tools that make life stunningly easier, strategies designed to reach and retain each generation of supporters and customers, and a holistic way of operating that brings the entire organization and its network to bear to tell a story.

At Narrator, our job is to free you to do yours. We fill in the blanks, bringing the right combination of expertise, vision, and hard data to turn your potential into reality. We help you tell your that you can live it.