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What's your pain point?

Everyone with a job has one. That one thing that seems to be holding you back; the one problem that--if it just went away!--would rocket you forward. You have one as a person, and you have one (or more) as an organization.

Here a few examples I see a lot in the nonprofit sector:

For small organizations:

  • If we just knew where to look to find the people who would be passionate about what we're doing.
  • If we had a logistical wizard who put us in a position to tell a great story and maintain great relationships, so that nothing fell through the cracks.
  • If our print and digital materials did justice to how important and exciting our work is.

For mid-sized and large organizations:

  • If we could hit that next spike and triple our email list (or could get that next group of people with deep pockets involved).
  • If we were drowning in thousands of new leads every month...and had the right combo of automation and the personal touch to convert and retain them at high rates.
  • If we could solve the demographic dilemma and get that next generation of donors to join...en masse.

The good news is that no matter how insurmountable it might seem, most such challenges are just one skill set, or one good problem-solver, away from being met. 

With one client, we noticed after some digging that they had tens of thousands of enthusiastic social media followers from a totally different demographic than their much smaller donor base (fix: build a fundraising and messaging plan for that larger group!). With another, they had lots of big numbers--staff, subscribers, followers, donors--but their budget was still shrinking (fix: dig through the data and interviews to find out why, then retask people and plans to achieve new goals instead of old ones). Still another simply had far more things to do than they had people, and they knew they were wasting potential leads (fix: create a few manageable touchpoints each year and funnel the leads over there).

In each of these cases, the answer (or even the problem) wasn't immediately obvious, but we were able to help them find it. Sometimes it pays to just get a fresh perspective.

What's your pain point? Shoot me an email and let me know. I'd love to help if I can.