Some random thoughts to make your results better.

Nonprofit Tech for Good posted 14 stats, and they’re worth a look. But four particularly caught my eye; I've added my own thoughts:

1. Get a responsive website. It doubles giving on mobile devices. If you’re having trouble selling your boss or your board on the expense of a new site, this might get their attention. Typically, 30-40% of your visitors are on mobile, and your high bounce rate (# of people who leave without going to a second page) is probably due partly to the fact that your site is a pain to browse on a phone. Welcome your mobile visitors, and they’ll stick around longer—and be more likely to give. By the way, this does need to include an online giving system that works on mobile. Some aren’t optimized for it.

2. 55% of people who engage with NPOs on social media are inspired to take further action. This relates to one of the core principles of good social media: it needs to be oriented towards real-life involvement. It needs to communicate a sense of life and community, and open the door for social visitors to become a part of them.

3. Monthly donors give 42% more in a year than one-time donors. Monthly giving programs (especially ones that automatically take money out of an account) can be really helpful for an NPO. They’re helpful financially because, obviously, it’s guaranteed money and more of it. But they’re also helpful to a donor if they’re done right, because the money is easier to budget for along with other bills, they don’t require remembering to write a check, and—again, if they’re done right—they bring with them insider news and invitations, and other perks. A monthly donor program needs to carry with it a sense that the donor is getting invited to be part of the exclusive club, and then the value of that membership needs to be consistently delivered. So it’s not enough to invite people to donate monthly—you need to develop an actual program.

4. Custom-branded donation forms raise 6X more money. Good start. But you might also consider a fourth option this article didn’t deal with: member-raised portals. For example, if you fund orphans, have somebody adopt an orphan and raise money specifically for that orphan, with a unique page with that orphan’s story that can go viral. Or create contests where people set up their own donation portals and compete with each other to raise the most money (the payoff has to be exciting enough to drive this, though!).

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