It's time to reinvent American civil society.

If you’ve opened a direct mail solicitation from an unfamiliar nonprofit, chances are I know a few things about you. One, you’re over 50 years old, probably over 60. Two, you may very well end up in the 2.5% of recipients of that letter who write a check to that organization.

More likely, you’re in the much larger percentage of Americans who throw away the letter unread and won’t donate to that organization--a percentage that is growing, along with the percentage of first-time donors who never donate again.

What do nonprofits need to do to survive amid these shifts?

I'm pleased to share with you that The Statesman has just published an essay I wrote that explores exactly what a reinvented nonprofit sector could look like, and how I think we can get there. Hope you enjoy it--leave a note in the comments and let me know what you think!

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