I'm working on developing a whole new slate of solutions for smaller nonprofits--ways to help them achieve their fundraising goals without breaking the bank. I'm pretty excited; the end game is dramatically increasing measurable results for wonderful organizations, but for roughly what they're paying for their cell phone service or Constant Contact.

But to make sure I'm barking up the right tree, I really need some feedback from you. Depending on your position at your organization, would you mind filling out one of these quick 5-minute surveys?

If you are an executive director/CEO, development director, or board member:

If you are a nonprofit staff member other than the positions above (yes, that includes you, entry-level folks!):

It would be a huge help to me if you could tell me a few things via the survey--and forward this email or share the link with any other people you know in the nonprofit sector. The more feedback we get, the more I can be sure we're building stuff that will be of value to you and organizations like yours.


Cheers, Brian

P.S. As a way of saying thank you, everybody who participates in this survey will get a bite of the new services for free--either access to a webinar or ebook, or a free consultation (and first month!) of the new services once they launch this fall.

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