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Why Would Anyone Want This Job?

Today's lesson in "how not to hire a digital media expert."

Just saw this job listing for a "Digital Marketing Manager." My immediate reaction was: why on earth would ANYONE take this job? Anyone with "at least two years of demonstrated results" will know it's at least five full-time jobs.

Lesson for those of you looking for help with your online marketing: the object is not to keep a lot of balls in the air. The object is to move your organization forward. If you're looking for someone to keep you alive in as many digital spheres as possible, fine, hire like this--you'll waste $40k+ in salary and your new employee will be gone within a year, either due to burnout or "failure."

Structuring a position this way also screams to potential hires that you don't understand how these media work--that you want somebody "managing" a bunch of one-way systems. In reality, many of these platforms require constant, two-way attention as conversations are actively cultivated and continued.

If you can't afford five people to do all this, talk to someone like me about creative ways to outsource certain pieces of it--but don't waste your money, and ruin a year of someone's life, hiring like this. If you're not playing to win, don't play.

Description: (XX) seeks an energetic digital marketing manager to disseminate and promote work of (XX) scholars to online target audiences through a variety of tools, including social media, online campaigns, search engine optimization, adwords, enewsletters and influencer outreach. Primary responsibilities include directing social media marketing campaigns for primary and secondary brands, with particular attention to daily trends as well as medium- and long-term promotional projects, recommending new platforms and content placement in third-party locales, planning and managing Google Hangouts, Spreecasts, grant and adwords campaigns, monitoring and analyzing web and email analytics, creating clear and accessible reports with careful attention to return on investment. This position requires at least two years of demonstrated results with digital marketing.