Some recent examples of how pictures helped people reach numbers.

As it happens, I've gotten to do a fair bit of graphic design work lately. In fact, there are at least a couple people who know me only by my graphic design. I realized this when one of them asked me what posters I'd gotten to do lately.

But my company isn't a graphic design firm. We help clients built social momentum for their projects--maybe it's a fundraising goal, or email list growth, or increased social following, or turnout at an event. It's one thing to blast out an email and hope people do what you want them to do. It's another to create a dynamic where networks of people far larger than the size of your email list are talking about you, sharing your content, etc. It's the latter scenario where Narrator comes in (often it's just me; sometimes it's a team of specialists--I collaborate with a lot of cool people!).

And building a brand identity worth talking about--even if it's just a temporary one for an event--usually ends up involving graphic design. So as a way of simultaneously sharing some pretty pictures, showcasing some of my clients' recent successes, and demonstrating the role graphic design can play in helping people and groups achieve their goals, I posted a bunch of pictures on Facebook.

Take a look--and read the descriptions for some inspiring stories!

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