10862446_818001484922577_5712576766738074867_o Sometimes it's easy to forget that the vast majority of people--even of those who get your emails--don't see what you see every day. It's difficult to understand why they don't pour all their time and treasure into it they way you do.

Imaginative storytelling is sometimes needed, more than mission statements or even reports. It's not just about facts.

What does your mission feel like?

Case in point: I know Chrysalis Youth Theatre pretty well, having worked on their event marketing since their inception. They are a small operation that stretches a small budget remarkably far, and still manages to do a good job keeping people in the loop. I knew they'd just achieved the near-impossible with a full-scale production of Les Miserables. But it wasn't until they produced the video below that I could feel the significance of what they're doing; feel the energy of their efforts; see the shy young people opening up and spreading their wings. Most of the best stuff they're doing is happening backstage. Check out what I mean: