"I get the concept of social fundraising, but what does it look like?"

One of the biggest challenges for a consultant in a complex field (let alone a new one) is communicating to potential clients what he does. For a while, my website has been pretty vague on this point. Mostly because my relationship with each client is so different!

But I finally decided that there was enough of a pattern...certain rough combinations of services that I was delivering most often...that I could be of some help here. I put up a "services" page with some sample packages I offer clients. I also added a "speaking and training" page to help people with booking speaking engagements, seminars, strategic planning sessions, etc. (including a partial list of topics I've spoken on before).

The best part is along with each package, I included a case study where a client used this package, and what the result was.

Take a look--and click "learn more" below any package to get to the details and case studies.

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