We offer low-priced plans to help smaller organizations end those daily frustrations and start to grow, all the way up to custom plans built to suit your needs. See below for details of what's included in each plan (the Custom Plans are just a sampling--we'll mix and match to suit your needs).

The Nonprofit Starter Plan and Growth Plan will be available in fall 2015. In the meantime, get a spot at the front of the line by signing up for the waitlist--we expect great demand. (No commitment required! We are still refining the exact plan contents as we get things set up, so we encourage you to let us know things you'd love to see at your target price point while you're at it.)

Nonprofit Starter Plan

Designed to help small organizations equip themselves to grow.

Ever watched an animal coil itself up to spring? Before that leap happens, every muscle has to be in the right position. Our Nonprofit Starter Plan is designed to help you do that. We’ll help you dramatically improve your knowledge of your own follower base, develop the tools and strategies you need before you can grow significantly, and make sure you know what technology to invest in (and avoid). When you spring, you’ll have judged the distance correctly and have the power behind you to complete the jump. Then we’ll keep helping you identify new prospects and improving your ability to reach them. The new you? A team that knows exactly where it’s going, how to get there, and is making it happen with minimal distractions.

Growth Plan

Designed to help midsized organizations expand their networks.

Our most-requested plan! For organizations that want to invest more aggressively in their own future, this plan provides all the same groundwork as the Nonprofit Starter Plan (as needed), but adds in a variety of outreach-focused components. We’ll work with you to devise an outreach and engagement plan based on your target donor profiles, identify even more prospects, get better at using modern tools and techniques to greatest effect, and run the campaigns that turn strangers into new friends. Your daily operations tell a story. It’s time the right people became a part of it.

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Custom Plans

Designed to allow you to do everything you ever wished you could.

“Oh, if only we had…” The sentence might end with a strong brand that was known all over the country, a modern prospecting system that went to work for us, a world-class profile and pipeline system for every target donor and every generation that practically ran by itself, a state-of-the-art website, or the people to tell our story compellingly across every medium. But the real reason it’s spoken is always that there’s some specific thing holding an organization back. Our custom plans are designed to make that a thing of the past. Our team will work with you personally to identify exactly what needs to grow (or be created), make it happen, and serve as the strategy and execution extension that allows you to thrive.

A la carte options

If a monthly plan isn't on your agenda right now, we do offer many services as standalone products. (If you're a monthly member, you can also get these things done at discounts!)

These include things like:

Peer-to-peer/crowdfunding campaign design and management - starting at $5,000
Facebook, Google, and third-party publication digital ad campaigns - starting at $5,000
PR outreach campaigns (get covered in the media, interviewed on TV, etc.) - starting at $3,000
Branding (including logo/graphic design) - starting at $6,000
Graphic design (for example, a refresh of all print marketing materials) - priced by project
Website design - starting at $5,000
CRM upgrade management - starting at $10,000

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