Client since: 2014

Bottom line: A new program got a face, national awareness, a strong email following, and tens of thousands of initial dollars raised--in a few short weeks.

In late 2014, Tony Campolo wanted to build a new center for training church leaders at Eastern University. He had tremendous personal brand value and social following, but no institutional following. Working with the Campolo Center’s excellent director, we built an initial brand to correspond with Eastern's logo, language to convey the Center's goals in a nutshell, a website designed to capture the interest (and email addresses!) of his personal supporters, print and social promotional materials, and end-of-year campaigns to drive email list signups. (Did we mention we pulled all this together in 12 days?)

Our initial campaigns drew over 1,000 new email subscribers in two weeks on a tight budget (all of them big personal fans of Tony), social and website traffic was huge, and we entered 2015 aggressively focused on financial growth as we courted these new supporters. Our first campaign in 2015 raised $80,000 in two weeks, all via email and social. Our ongoing work with the Campolo Center focuses on more digital outreach and fundraising, and major donor outreach.

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