Client since: 2012

Bottom line: We've helped both the local and statewide chapters of CASA achieve unprecedented results in their digital awareness campaigns and their attempts to attract new volunteers.

We've had the pleasure of working with CASA of the Pikes Peak Region on regular projects for several years. CASA empowers everyday citizens to be a voice in court and in life for abused or abandoned children, giving the kids hope, love, and a future.

Our first project with them was a digital ad campaign designed to reach potential volunteers and convince them to ask for more information on volunteering. In a matter of weeks, we'd raised CASA's online visibility so successfully that numbers went up on an ONGOING basis, rather than the short-term spike we expected. Volunteer inquiries were up 29% for the entire year, and applications were up a whopping 52%. On top of that, website visits were up 62%, and Facebook and Twitter followers were up 40% and 66%, allowing CASA to reach more people organically well into the future.

CASA of Colorado, the statewide umbrella organization, was impressed enough to enlist us to do a similar campaign statewide for all their regional organizations in early 2015. We created a landing page and targeted potential volunteers—people could indicate interest in about five seconds and the volunteer coordinator from their LOCAL chapter would be in touch within 48 hours. Then we marketed the landing page with Facebook and Google ads for a month. We provided analytics at a ridiculously detailed level, so CASA knew the most successful messaging, the demographics responding to them, and how they found the organization. CASA got 141 new volunteer applications in that month (miles ahead of their normal rate) for a cost per volunteer of $22 (miles below their normal cost).

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From executive director Lauren Mueller:

"I can't say enough about how seamless the whole process was - Brian put together detailed information for me and the Colorado CASA network. His GoogleAds, Facebook, and SEO work were second to none. The network has already decided they want to work with him to do the project for a second year. The results were incredible - it can sometimes cost hundreds to recruit just one volunteer for our programs, but some of our programs saw costs as low as $22 per volunteer because of Brian's great work. I should also mention that he was exceptionally pleasant and professional!"