Client since: 2013

Bottom line: We made a small budget stretch into a professional-quality public image that drew packed houses for shockingly good shows.

Chrysalis Youth Theatre is a Christian theatre arts program in the Silicon Valley that puts on full productions as well as training kids in singing, acting, dancing, staging, and other related skills. We love working with these folks because of what they've done for so many kids' self-confidence!

As a new organization, Chrysalis was looking for a big bang for a small buck. We've been on call for key moments along the way--their initial branding, art and marketing materials for their shows, and strategic input as they built up their support base. We did nine increasingly packed shows in only two years in a market saturated with theatre companies!

Most recently, their full-scale, officially licensed production of Les Miserables drew thousands at San Jose's historic Anthony B. Soto Theatre. A unique twist: we had the fun challenge of designing some teaser posters before the date when they were allowed to officially reveal the production--they had to get a cast before they could technically announce what the show was!

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From director Steven Brown:

"Although we were still in the concept phases of our program [when Narrator started working with us], Narrator brought out the best in what we had and did a wonderful job of portraying the professional but approachable way in which we desire to do business."