Client since: 2013

Bottom line: A sorely needed idea wasn't clicking with potential customers. We helped bring that idea out of the founder's head and into the imaginations of enthusiastic customers all over the country.

When another client first introduced us to Jessica Stollings, she had an incredible skill set and a great vision: to use her abilities as a generational translator to help companies, churches, and nonprofits adjust to generational differences. Help Millennials integrate into workplaces. Help older nonprofit leaders attract younger donors. Build intergenerational communities that had the health and the life to thrive, generation after generation.

But while that sounds pretty clear now, it was just in her head at the time. Articulating the vision, to very different audiences, was a steep challenge. We worked with Jessica to tease out the core of the vision, and build it out into a clear, strong mission that would resonate with each of her target audiences. (No, we didn't do that pretty website you see to the right--just the language!) We tested everything we came up with in focus groups of each audience. And we enjoyed working together so much that today, you'll see her on our staff page--if that mission above sounds like something you could use, let us know!

To see the language we crafted for ReGenerations as well as what the company is up to today, visit

From founder Jessica Stollings:

"For years I struggled to articulate the mission and vision of my organization. Brian Brown changed it all. He asked me the deep, strategic questions that helped me frame my message...then he helped me write it. Brian knows his stuff. If you have a story to tell, I highly recommend that Brian help you craft the words!"