Client since: 2013

Bottom line: We helped build Anselm into a sustainable hub for a movement, with over 1,000 followers and triple its fundraising goals in only two years.

The Colorado-based Anselm Society's goal is a renaissance of the Christian imagination. They provide artistic, relational, and spiritual support for local artists, writers, and musicians, helping them create deep and beautiful art that touches lives. They also put on world-class public events, like concerts by Nashville recording artists and lectures by scholars and artists from Yale, Oxford, and elsewhere.

Anselm has relied on Narrator since the beginning for its entire external relations program, so it’s probably the best example out there of what we can do. We built their entire brand, marketing, and fundraising infrastructure from the ground up—designing their look and artwork, handling all event promotion, helping them craft a network of informed and engaged artists and patrons (including a national network of top scholars and speakers), and designing their state-of-the-art donor program. For that last part, we equipped them with the technological tools to monitor, engage, and develop their followers (across in-person, social, web, and email interactions) all from a single platform—so every interaction was tracked and scored, every attendee’s giving capacity was monitored, and the best donor prospects could be identified and cultivated.

In two years, we helped them draw a 150-person event attendance average, build a network of over 1,000 supporters, end reliance on their startup funder ahead of schedule, and achieve triple their annual fundraising goals. More importantly, they were able to reach many hundreds of people every year with a unique message they weren’t getting anywhere else in town, and add the first group of outstanding member artists to their program.

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From senior pastor Matt Burnett:

"If Brian takes on the job, then he is creative, proactive (so important), timely, responsive to client input, crazy talented, and has a large range of contacts. This is an easy recommendation."