A small sampling of our research papers and articles.

Finding Tomorrow’s Donors

Narrator white paper, January 2015. Snail mail prospecting is dying (and expensive). Social ad blitzes don’t cut it. Fewer donors are giving less money. How do we build strong, sustainable donor bases?

Why Conservatives Should Be Leading the Charge to Reform Philanthropy

The American Conservative, August 2014. Human-scaled civil society has been abandoned to big foundations and bad ideas.

The Fatal Flaw of American Charity

The Statesman, February 2014. It’s time to reinvent American civil society.

Enlisting the Amateurs

Philanthropy Daily, August 2013. Everything you need to know about how social networks affect your organization’s donations.

Engage New Donors Without Losing Your Base

ReGenerations, 2015. Try these ideas to engage Gen X and Millennials in your cause.

The Rise of Localist Politics

The New Atlantis, August 2011. Why people are ditching the Era of Mass Everything.

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