Our Services

Here's the vision: your organization is the hub of a growing community of people who believe in your mission, who give generously, and who convince their friends to do the same. You get to focus on the mission, not on distractions. And you never, ever have to ask yourself again, "How will we be funded in 10 years?"

That's what our mission statement, "empowering causes by expanding networks," means. It means whatever your budget, we will help you build things that grow your support community for the long haul.

We can bring strategically chosen packages to smaller organizations to help them solidify and then grow, or custom packages for larger organizations to lean them into a bright future. (More on those details here.)

Our services tend to fall into four categories (which bleed into each other, just as different pieces of a healthy nonprofit do):

Grow Your Donor Base

There are people out there who would be thrilled to know you exist, because they’re passionate about what you do. How do you find them, and, harder, show them that you are what they’ve been looking for? We’ll help you find the right people with the right giving capacity and develop strategies for engaging them successfully–not just as individuals, but as members of networks that can help you grow exponentially.



  • Identify and research prospects, including giving capacity, interests, and more
  • Analyze the social network of your donors or prospects
  • Identify and analyze strong potential foundation partners
  • Create entry points online and in person for people to meet your organization

Grow Your Budget


  • Help you create a development plan for each donor type
  • Analyze your donor base, person by person: capacity, interests, and more
  • Build next-gen donor development pipelines from entry point to long-term donor
  • Identify network-based strategies for growth
  • Write or review your appeals
  • Help you attract your next generation of donors

It’s tough to grow when existing donors drop off every year. We’ll work with you to significantly increase donor retention, identify the right donors to ask for increased gifts, successfully approach new foundations, develop your board, and build an enviable grassroots fundraising system.

Communicate Better

For many nonprofits, communications (website, letters, social, etc.) are either too disconnected from their development plan, or they’re a replacement for it.

We can make sure you have the right tools in your arsenal, so that you have the technology and systems to produce the right content at the right time. And we can help you improve in areas that need it when it comes to actual content.

End result: your communications go to work for your larger goals, helping you reach new audiences and inspire your existing one, motivating new waves of supporters.


We help you:

  • Tell your story well, in a way that’s integrated with your development goals
  • Build the right brand
  • Create better email and social communications
  • Segment smartly so the right people are being contacted with the right message via the right media
  • Optimize your website for donor conversions, email signups, social sharing, etc.
  • Market your events
  • Introduce people to your organization
  • Turn new followers into donors

Build Capacity

We do:

  • Strategic planning: we’ll work with your leadership in a multi-day deep dive or afternoon power session (on-site or in a Colorado retreat) to work through all your operational, fundraising, and communications goals and needs, clarify long- and short-term objectives, and build a development plan and communications calendar
  • Operations evaluations for development and communications
  • Staff training and board development
  • Ongoing help with technology, operations, and content to extend the capabilities of your team
  • Generational issues
  • Speaking for your event, or company or board retreat

Are there gaps in your staff skill sets? Are you overloaded? We can be the extension that helps you focus on your core competencies. We also do speaking and training to flesh out those competencies.

Work with us in person or via Skype to flesh out the plan and identify the things standing between you and your goals, and then we'll help you get into place the practices, skills, support resources, and off-site staff help (us!) to take you where you want to go.

Get Started

We have starter plans for nonprofits with limited budgets, and custom plans for more ambitious efforts. We'll work with you on a specific project or need, or on an ongoing basis to keep you growing.